Work life balance, why is it so important?

Here at Sky Igloo we promote a balanced life, yes it is important to do what is expected of you and yes it is extremely important to deliver on time and with the highest standards but it is as important to spend time on your self and on your family. 

We have a saying here at Sky Igloo, your career is like a rubber ball, it always bounces back. Family is like a glass ball when it falls it may crack. Be wise and think twice when juggling your balls. But what does this mean?

Your family is a glass ball, if you miss your anniversary, your child’s first sport game, being there whilst someone is at their end or never making time for family because work is to important, then that ball will fall and crack. The event will leave a scar that can not be repaired. Your career is however a bouncing ball, when you drop the ball because you were focusing on the glass ball it will bounce back and you will be able to continue as before. 

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